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A letter from us to customers

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this letter. My name is Dennis Kemper, owner of Kemper Concrete Inc. We decided to draft and send out some information regarding our company to make contractors aware of our services...

Let's Introduce Ourselves...

Welcome to Kemper Concrete. We specialize mainly in commercial and agricultural concrete work including floors and walls. Commercial steel building erectors ask specifically for Kemper Concrete foundations because our attention to detail is our trademark, with countless commercial foundations constructed with pin point precision enabling the erector to install steel columns on accurately placed anchor bolts, saving them time and money. We also specialize in concrete floors. By utilizing properly trained and experienced employees we are able to attain concrete floor quality that is top notch. Using state of the art equipment such as ride on power trowel finishers, and laser screed technology, we are a go to contractor for super flat floors up to 20,000 square feet. Give Dennis a call for your next project.

We are able to have a quote to you in a matter of hours after receiving drawings. One of the big differences in our business strategy is in our lack of extra charges upon completion. As a concrete contractor for over 15 years, we know that our quote will be used in the borrowing process. Receiving an invoice at the completion of a project that has 'extras' and exceeds the original quoted amount can wreak havoc on your finances. With us, you will never be bombarded with an 'extras' bill at the end. If issues come up during the construction process, they will be talked about and solutions decided, relieving you of the dread of the final bill. Competitive pricing, quality workmanship, and integrity, thats the Kemper Concrete advantage!!

kemper concrete laser screeding floors and walls
Who are we?...

we are Experts in the Concrete Business!

We can provide simple, fast, and accurate grade results whether you are screeding concrete or prepping the subgrade.

Professional, Honest & Reliable

We pride ourselves on our competitave prices and quality workmanship

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S-485 Somero Laser screed
Wacker 72” Ride on power trowel
24” Wacker edger

2- Allen 96” Ride on power trowels
2- 48” Bartell walk behind power trowels
36” Wacker walk behind power trowel
Allen Magic Screed

Our Services

From residential projects, including sidewalks, in ground pool bottoms, garage and basement floors, driveways etc. to commercial and agricultural concrete including big floors, foundations for steel buildings, and general agricultural concrete work.

kemper concrete laser screeding floors and walls

Laser Screeding Services

Hire us to pour your whole floor or rent the laser screed with an operator for the...

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kemper concrete laser screeding floors and walls

Concrete Flooring Services

Concrete floor finishing has grown in popularity over recent decades since...

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kemper concrete laser screeding floors and walls

Concrete Wall Services

Concrete Forming Services Include: Floors, Forms, Structural designs, Walls, Slabs...

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Let's get that project started today!

We are able to have a quote to you in a matter of hours after receiving drawings.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Concrete can be made to order in terms of strength, workability, and durability. There is even a form of environmentally friendly concrete that allows water to pass through. This pervious concrete easily drains storm water into the subsoil keeping it from running off into sewers, rivers and streams.
Concrete will often crack especially in freeze/thaw climates. To minimize and control cracking, control joints or “cuts” are placed in the concrete so that the concrete cracks where those control joints are placed. You can also add concrete products that contain millions of fibers mixed throughout the concrete to help to control cracking even more. Ask us when you place your order about adding fibers to your concrete.
In most instances, the answer is no. Very narrow “hairline” cracks are superficial and do not indicate any structural problem. Cracks that have movement where one side of the crack moves relative to the opposite side should be evaluated by a professional engineer.
Your happiness is our success

What Our client say

For the past 15 years I have entrusted the services of Kemper Concrete Inc. for all my concrete needs. Mr. Kemper has displayed to be very knowledgeable and has met all my foundation needs. Mr. Kemper has poured and finished some of the most beautiful slabs that I have ever seen. My customers were and are very pleased with Mr. Kemper's work. If you need concrete work, Mr. Kemper of Kemper Concrete Inc. is your man.


Pioneer One Steel Buildings, ON

I had the privilege of working with Kemper Concrete on a project recently and even thought they were not my direct contractor, they took the time to ensure everything i wanted was correct, they were very personable and its quite obvious that Dennis is very educated in his field. His team was approachable and hardworking and the quality of the pour and workmanship was exceptional. I would highly recommend them!

Andrew Hordyk

Arborwood Tree Services, ON

If you need concrete work done please use Kemper Concrete, great job, staff and the price was right.

Jon Huntville

Cayuga, ON